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Circuit Co-Simulation

A time-domain circuit solver allows SPICE circuit structures to be updated during the FDTD simulation.

XF combines a time-domain circuit solver with its full wave electromagnetic solver and uses co-simulation to update complex circuit structures at each timestep in an FDTD simulation.  This improves the analysis of chip components and matching networks.

Chip Components

Two-port, surface mounted passive chip components are commonly used in PCB design.  Rather than using ideal components in an FDTD simulation, realistic chip performance can be simulated based on measured data.  Manufacturers -- such as Murata, Coilcraft, and Taiyo Yuden -- provide SPICE models for their chips, which can be imported into XF and used as circuit component definitions.  During timestepping, XF’s circuit solver updates the cell edge containing the component based on the SPICE model.

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Matching Networks

Two-, three-, and four-port matching networks can be defined as a SPICE model and included in a voltage source within XF.  This saves users from defining each element in the matching network as an individual circuit component.

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