Remcom’s Multiprocessor Technology 

Many scientific desktop computers now contain multiple processor cores. XFdtd takes advantage of this technology to greatly speed calculations across all available processors within the same computer.  

Boost Your Productivity With the Tools You Already Have

Today’s modern computers are already powerful enough to take advantage of multithreading technology. Whether you have a dual core system or an extremely powerful engineering super computer, you can benefit from this option when running your XFdtd calculations. Distributing EM simulation calculations across multiple processors speeds computation times, cutting the effort needed by any one processor/core. 


Capability to run XFdtd on unlimited cores comes standard at no cost with your license. 

Technical specifications:

Multi-core and/or multi-processor computer running Linux/WIndows. 

For more information on XFdtd’s multiprocessor acceleration, please use our information request form to request a free trial, live web demonstration, or a quote.