Automotive Radar

Radar automotriz


Antenna design, radar sensor placement, and target identification algorithms can be evaluated against NCAP test scenarios using WaveFarer. OEM and Tier 1 suppliers use the simulated raw radar returns to understand a radar’s ability to perform elevation measurements, identify targets, and separate objects.

WaveFarer Features

WaveFarer’s features enable fast and accurate analysis of repeatable drive test scenarios.

Near-field propagation method Calculate scattering off target surfaces, including multi-path interactions with ground reflections, using ray-tracing algorithms and physics-based calculations.

Targeted ray casting Produzca de manera eficiente rendimientos de alta fidelidad de un objetivo.

Dynamic scenario Apply movement to radar sensors, target vehicles, and other scatterers in your drive test simulations.

User defined antennas Importar patrones de radiación medidos o simulados.

Shared platform with XFdtd Integrated solution promotes productivity.



WaveFarer Brochure

WaveFarer Brochure


WaveFarer™ Automotive Radar Simulation Software

Software de simulación de radar automotriz WaveFarer™