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Dynamic Scenario

Apply movement to automotive radar sensors, target vehicles, and other scatterers.

WaveFarer uses parameterization and scripting to produce an array of movement options.  This supports repeatable track tests with a fixed sensor location or a realistic drive scenario with different velocities associated with multiple targets.

Fixed Sensor Location

Anechoic chamber measurements and similar fixed site facilities use a stationary radar sensor and a moving target object, often a corner reflector. WaveFarer automotive radar simulations easily model this case by defining the target’s location as a parameter.  A parameter sweep produces results versus distance in a single simulation.


Simulated distance between an antenna and corner reflector.


Euro NCAP vehicle target.

Track Tests

Outdoor track tests, including those specified by Euro NCAP, specify a moving radar sensor and moving target objects.  WaveFarer also models these scenarios with parameterization.  Parameters are used to define the radar’s velocity, target object’s velocity, and separation distance at the beginning of the scenario.  A parameter sweep over time produces results for the full scene in a single simulation.

Drive test including secondary scatterers.

General Drive Scenarios

Additional moving targets, buildings, poles, and other scattering objects can be added to a scene to create a more realistic drive test.  Advanced maneuvering techniques, including changing lanes and driving around bends, are supported using WaveFarer’s scripting capability.  Through scripting, any user-defined trajectory can be created and analyzed in a simulation.

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