Wind Turbines and Impact on Radar Returns

Wind turbines located near a radar installation can significantly interfere with the ability of the radar to operate properly. Remcom has used our tools and expertise in radar scattering to perform a number of government-funded and internal research efforts into the impact that wind turbines and wind farms have on radar returns for Air Traffic Control (ATC) radar, early warning radar, weather radar, and instrumentation radar.

Our work and experience have included:

  • Estimation of returns from wind turbines, including Doppler and RCS

  • Collaborative work with partners to determine the impact of wind turbine scattering on radar signal processing, aircraft detection, and tracking

  • Investigation of the effects of multipath between the tower and blades

  • Investigation of the effects of blade shape, material properties, and construction on returns

  • Prediction of the loss due to shadowing of aircraft from nearby turbines

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