Optenni Lab Integration

Matching network in Optenni Lab

XF’s integration with Optenni Lab benefits the matching network design workfow. The full wave solver in XF is used to calculate the S-Parameters and efficiency of an unmatched device. Those results are then fed into Optenni Lab where a circuit solver is used to determine the optimal matching network topology and associated component values. 

Included in the integration is the ability to do the following:

  • Analyze single and multi-port devices

  • Select inductors, capacitors, and tunable components

  • Optimize over multiple bands

  • Choose matching network layouts based on targets for S-Parameters or efficiency

After Optenni Lab determines the optimal matching topology, the matching network is sent back to XFdtd as an *.s2p file. XF applies the matching network to the feed and updates the simulated results for the matched antenna as a post processing step. This allows users to analyze the matched antenna performance without running another full wave simulation.

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Optenni Lab is a software product developed and sold by Optenni Ltd. More information is available on Optenni’s website.