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Simplified Workflow

XF streamlines your workflow by eliminating time consuming, redundant tasks.

Key Features

XF's Assistant is a step-by-step guide that speeds the learning curve for new users.

  • PrOGrid Project Optimized Gridding

  • Custom project templates

  • Simulation history with all results

  • Shared libraries

  • Shared component, sensor, and waveform definitions

  • PCB Merge for importing layered PCBs in ODB++

  • CAD Merge

XF multiplies your productivity by allowing you to reuse almost anything you create. Any project can be turned into a template, the parts of your project can be stored in a shared library, and any simulation you do is saved and the results easily accessed for comparison purposes.

CAD Merge

If you work with frequently updated CAD files, you'll only have to set up the hierarchy, material assignments and meshing priority once. XF preserves this information each time a new version of the file is imported, keeping your workflow as efficient as possible.


CAD Merge compares the new geometry with the original and automatically refreshes the project tree with the changes.


The algorithm refines the grid around the discontinuities in the copper trace.

PrOGrid Project Optimized Gridding

PrOGrid Project Optimized Gridding simplifies grid creation by considering multiple aspects of a project to optimize the grid for both accuracy and runtime. Users have the ability to control the following aspects of gridding:

  • Finer resolution around conductor edges where fields are strongest

  • Minimum number of cells across features, e.g. microstrips and substrates

  • Smaller cells inside dielectrics where the wavelength is shorter

  • Free space padding that is determined based on a fraction of a wavelength